Payment Information

Interested in getting a bird from Southern Californai Parrotlets?
1. First, check for your nearest airport that United Pet Safe ship to :
United Pet Safe Airport List

2. Remember that none of these birds are handraise nor hand train. Therefore, they are not tame. But they are young enoung you can train them yourself. If you need help on training, please click on the YouTube link to see videos on how to train the Lovebirds. After watching all of those videos, then you can decide if it's something you want to do. If not, I recommend you buy one that is handraised, handfed, and hand trained. Here is the link to the YouTube channel.
Link to Lovebird Training Videos

3. If you still interested in the Lovebirds, shipping is $110 on each order. It doesn't matter on how many you are buying. If you buy one Parrotlet, shipping is $110. If you buy 10 Lovebirds, it's still $110 on shipping.

4. I normally ship on the weekends. However, accomodation can be made to ship during weekdays if needed.

5. When paying through PayPal, on the note area, you need to write down:
a. Your full name
b. Address
c. Phone #
d. The airport that you want me to ship to which is listed on the United Pet Safe listing
e. List the Lovebird(s) that you are buying
f. Add up the price of the Lovebird(s) + shipping ($110)
g. Then you can pay through PayPal
---PayPal account : Lovebirdfarms@yahoo.com
Under the phone #(909)489-8259
h. If you need more information, you can contact me through the Contact Form. Or, just call or message me at 909.489.8259
i. Once the payment has been made and cleared, I will call to make the reservation and will contact to give all the details needed to pick up the birds.
j. However, I not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico. And I do not take any International order at this time.

6. If you decide to train and tame and the baby Lovebirds, please:
a. Limit the training time to no more than 20 minutes every 4 hours.
b. Baby Lovebirds need to be eating as much as possible and you do not want to over stress them.
c. No toys for at least 2 weeks. They need to be focusing on eating instead of playing.
d. Food bowl needs to be an open bowl at least 6 inches wide or bigger and no more than 1.5 inch high.
e. Do not cover the cage.
f. Do not handle the Lovebirds for at least 3 days when you receive them. They need time to settle down. And being in a new place already stresses them out.