These crested budgies mutated in Japan.  That is why the name is in Japanese.  Hagoromo meaning is related to the fairies or elves.  A lot of breeders are also calling them helicopter budgies.  And others are calling them Japanese crested.  Whatever it is, it is something new here in the U.S. Right now, I have 3 pairs set up.  And more likely will be getting more.  Not sure when I will start selling them.  But I hope I will be selling them soon.  I will also be crossing them to the English Budgies to get them some sizes. 

If you want to see if I have any for sale, they will be posted on my avaialble page. 

If you want to know what I have available, you can visit the available page. Or, you can just email me through the contact page.

If you want to know more about Hagoromo, the best way is to do a lot of research on the internet.