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Author Topic: SEXING LOVEBIRDS BIRDS  (Read 29129 times)
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« on: May 17, 2011, 12:12:42 pm »


First of all, there are basically 3 ways to sex lovebirds.

1. One way is through pelvic checking.

2. The second ways is through surgically sex.

3. The third ways is through DNA sexing.

1. Pelvic checking basically is checking the pelvic to see if the pelvic is open or close. It the pelvic is very close together and very pointe, that is mostly a boy.

If the pelvic bones are a little open and a little dull, it would most likely be a girl.


1. 2 to 4 months old about 80% to 90%

2. 5 to 9 Months old about 90%-95%

3. 10 to 12 months well, it's about 98%. At this age, the birds are ready to breed. If it's a female, then the pelvic bones are wide open getting ready for the eggs to drop. So, unless you are in such a hurry, you will always been to tell if the bird is a male or female. By the time they are 12 months old, if they don't drop eggs, 98% of the time it will be a male. If it drops eggs, well, that is a female.

If you are not in a hurry to breed these lovebirds, you will always be able to tell if they are a male or a female. If you happens to pair up to boys, by the time they are 12 months old and they don't drop any egg, well, it's probably 2 boys. Go get them 2 girls. If you happens to pair up to girls, if you see a bunch of eggs at one time, like 6 or more, well, they are probably 2 girls. Go get them 2 boys.

Especially if you are breeding individually like me, you could split them up right away. If you find out one pair are 2 girls and the other are 2 boys, well, I just split them up and repair them again.

2. Surgically sex is a great way to find out the sex of the lovebirds. However, you should wait until they are at least 6 months and older. If they birds are too young, they can get stress out from the pain and actually will die. Depending on where you are taking them to have them surgically sex, it can be $10 to $60. Here is the doctor that I do use for quite sometimes when I need to get them sex. Dr. Scott McDonald DVM in Chicago

Here is his information. You can call to ask for further details.

Office 630-654-3580 Cell 630-240-2751

Here is also the website of his information.

If you could wait, I recommend waiting. Getting them surgically sex do put a lot of stress on them. And sometimes, they do die from that. I only do it when I really have to. Otherwise, I normally just wait. You will find out sooner or later if they are males or females.

For someone who breeds in an aviary bass, this is the best way to get them sex. The birds are marked with a tatoo and you will know if you have the same amount boys and girls in the same aviary.

3. DNA Sexing

I think everyone have some idea about this way of sexing lovebirds or any other birds. However, the cost is normally between $18 to $25 depending on where, how many, and what you use for sample. This is only if you do this yourself. If taken to a vet, the cost is probably around $60 or more. I don't use this methods at all. Mainly because of the cost. If you DNA 100 birds, you are paying about $2500. With $2500, you can buy more birds and I think the averages will work in your favor. If any turn out to be the same sex, you will have plenty of birds to switch around.
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