Welcome to Tom's Lovebird Farm

 I am located in Southern Californai in Perris.  All of my Parrotlets will be from the import line.  They will no longer be domestic line. Whether you want to add some new blood line to your Pacific Parrotlet Program or for pets, you can rely on that they are not related to the ones from the U.S.


On the Lineolated program, I am doing the same thing.  All the ones I have are imported from Europe.  So, if you want to add new lines into your Lineolated program or for pets, you can rely on that they are not from the U.S lines. 


Why do I mentioned the line from the U.S?  Most of the birds from the U.S are mostly related to one another.  From the first imports when the Pacific Parrotlets were imported as well as the Linnies, they were not that many.   And from what I remembered, they are over 30 years ago. 


Besides those two species, I have added Green-Cheeked Conures, the English Parakeets,  and the Japanese Crested Parakeets(Hagoromo). 


My goal is fully train all the birds that are going to be pets.  Some will be free flight as well.